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We work as ecotourism guides (as well as biologist and boat captain) often on the BC Coast, but also as far ranging as the Arctic and Antarctic. We have an insatiable curiousity for the planet; all its hidden gems and what makes them tick. That and our love of sailing is what inspired us to sail around the Pacific in Narama, our tough and pretty little sailboat.

Monday, January 31, 2011

South to Banderas Bay

Pantropical Spotted Dolphin bow riding Narama
We have entered the “Horse Latitudes” (the belt between the northwesterlies of higher latitudes and the NE trade winds).  It means very light diurnal land and sea breezes, but usually not enough to sail.  All this motoring in the last few days means that our fridge has never been so cold, or our batteries so strong.  One benefit of this becalmed period is that it’s easier to spot wildlife.  We’ve seen many humpbacks as we’ve come down the coast, some large groups of adults and a few mother/calf pairs.  Some calves are so young that they are still floppy and helpless.  We have also seen our first Spotted Dolphins – now it really feels like we’re in the tropics!

Yesterday we persevered and had the blooper up; it still took most of the day to sail 9 miles into La Cruz.

Thanks 'Sweet Destiny' for the photo!


Anonymous said...

That's sooooooooo exciting that you guys saw spotted dolphins!!!! Happy for you :) YEAH!

Marie :)

Narama said...

Wish you were with us Marie!