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We work as ecotourism guides (as well as biologist and boat captain) often on the BC Coast, but also as far ranging as the Arctic and Antarctic. We have an insatiable curiousity for the planet; all its hidden gems and what makes them tick. That and our love of sailing is what inspired us to sail around the Pacific in Narama, our tough and pretty little sailboat.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

¡Bienvenidos a Mexico!

Point Loma Sunrise, San Diego

We have arrived in Ensenada after a lovely overnight sail from San Diego. It felt so good to sail out among the warships and submarines past Point Loma. Yesterday we spent the entire day sorting through the necessary bureaucracy to import the boat, get visas, etc. The most exciting piece of paper of the day was permission to sail to an offshore island. Weather permitting, we'll visit Guadalupe, 200 miles offshore. Arriving in Mexico feels like an important transition into some real exploration! We no longer have a cell phone and will likely be out of touch even more.

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Chris said...


As usual tracking you guys from Space and have wandered all around Point Loma - they certainly keep that lawn looking nice by the lighthouse!

Obviously Shannon and I are STILL jealous that you're off to Isla Guadalope*... nice bit of exploring to be done there I'll bet... Have a cracking time - after you wade through all the Mexican paper!

Best from the Island.

(* I'll admit to being a bit confused at first - given we thought this was in the Carribean - after study of the atlas... we found a second... who'd have known?)